Copyright Reform or Reframe?

Copyright Reform or Reframe? was published last week and can be read on Juta’s on-line platform.   (See below for description and contents).

This book deals with the South African Copyright Amendment Bill that is currently under consideration.

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These are all published in Communicare:  Journal for Communication Studies in Africa.

Copyright Reform or Reframe?


Available: April 2023

Authors: Myburgh AF; Blignaut H; Griffiths W; Hollis S; Le Roux S; Pretorius TL; Rengecas T; Salmon O; Steyn C

Format: Flipbook

Language: English

Extent: 165 Pages

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Supporting Material: 

Copyright Amendment Bill B13D of 2017

Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill B24D of 2016


Copyright Reform or Reframe? provides a comprehensive legal analysis of most of the new provisions of the South African Copyright and Performers’ Protection Amendment Bills. The authors, all of them attorneys or advocates with specialist practices in the field of intellectual property law – in particular, copyright – contributed to the submission of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law on the Bills to the National Council of Provinces and the Provincial Legislatures in January 2023.

Copyright Reform or Reframe? comprehensively identifies the provisions of the Bills that are problematic for one reason or another. This amounts to most of the new sections and amendments that the Copyright Amendment Bill proposes to introduce to the Copyright Act. A material portion of the changes proposed by the Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill.

This work is aimed at providing the legal community with insights into the provisions of the Bills with the hope that it will assist in finding improved solutions to reform the law.