Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa

Welcome to ANFASA

ANFASA recognises that authors have the potential to influence society for the better, as expressed in the United Nations development goals of campaigning to end poverty, protecting the environment and promoting peace and prosperity. Authors played a significant role in the South African struggle for democracy and showed that authors can have power.

ANFASA's overriding objective is to strengthen the voice of authors in the service of a democratic and egalitarian society

Important News

In memory of Colin Smuts who passed away on 20 May 2021

Colin Smuts was a longstanding member of ANFASA, also serving on the ANFASA board from 2015 to…

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IAF and FIT LatAm sign Memorandum of Understanding

ADonovan 22nd March 2021 IAF, News We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of…

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Empowering Authors

ANFASA was formed as a national association especially for authors of general non-fiction works, textbooks and academic works, but it also welcomes authors of fictional works as members. Many non-fiction authors write fiction as well, and vice versa. Even more importantly, ANFASA’s programmes, and its objectives, apply broadly to all authors. ANFASA is dedicated to defending their intellectual property rights, to promoting their works and to sharing information and offering advice and expertise on writing and publishing. We call this empowering authors, and we are dedicated to this objective.

Educating Authors

In the 16 years since it was launched, ANFASA has, among other activities, held workshops on topics such as copyright and contracts and self-publishing; has run a course on biography writing; has organised conferences; has awarded writing grants to over a hundred authors; has advised many authors by e-mail on their publishing contracts; and has lobbied for copyright legislation favourable to authors.

Our Vision

ANFASA’s vision is to be a member-driven association to uphold and enhance the profile and status of authors in South Africa, through advocating for the recognition of their works and protection of their rights, in collaboration and cooperation with other stakeholders in the book value chain such as publishers, booksellers and libraries.

Articles and Opinions

Eight Days in July: Inside the Zuma Unrest that Set South Africa Alight

Qaanitah Hunter, Kaveel Singh and Jeff Wicks. Eight Days in July: Inside the Zuma Unrest that Set South…

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Deep Collusion: Bain and the Capture of South Africa

Athol Williams, Deep Collusion: Bain and the Capture of South Africa (Cape Town: Tafelberg, 2021) IT’S not unusual for…

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The ongoing saga of Mzala’s ‘Chief with a Double Agenda’

FEW people will recognise the title Inqaba Yabasebenzi. Nor did many back in November 1987 when Inkatha, as…

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For my Country: Why I Blew the Whistle on Zuma and the Guptas

Themba Maseko, For my Country: Why I Blew the Whistle on Zuma and the Guptas (Johannesburg: Jonathan…

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Amakomiti: Grassroots Democracy in South African Shack Settlements

Trevor Ngwane, Amakomiti: Grassroots Democracy in South African Shack Settlements (Johannesburg: Jacana, 2021) HAVING visited 46 informal settlements to…

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Comrade Editor: On Life, Journalism, and the Birth of Namibia

Gwen Lister, Comrade Editor: On Life, Journalism and the Birth of Namibia (Cape Town: Tafelberg, 2021) ON 11 June…

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