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Terms of reference

Subject: The appointment of four publishers to produce five books each for the DSAC Publishing Hub

The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) has appointed the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa (ANFASA) to administer the DSAC Publishing Hub. To enable a successful production process, ANFASA requires the services of four reputable South African publishers with a record of accomplishment, to publish five books each, from the recommended manuscripts acquired through an Open Call for submission of manuscripts.

DSAC Publishing Hub is an industry stimulus project to support authors and revitalize the publishing industry. Also, to encourage the creation of new literature telling our stories, written by local authors and to preserve our heritage.


The Terms of Reference describe the objectives, scope of work, deliverables, roles and responsibilities, inclusive of time frame/period for the project.

ANFASA will:

  • announce a call for authors to submit their manuscript.
  • appoint a Selection panel to review, shortlist and recommend shortlisted manuscript.
  • ensure that the Selection panel undertake developmental editing with the authors of the shortlisted manuscripts.

The publisher must ensure successful production, marketing, and distribution of the books as per the contract that they will enter into with ANFASA.

  • Publishers will not be required to edit the manuscripts.
  • Publishers should demonstrate the ability to work with all official languages, including Khoisan languages in South Africa.
  • Publishers should demonstrate how they will market and distribute the published books.

The deadline to publish the books will be 31 January 2024. A production amount of R 100 000.00 has been allocated for each book.


The closing date for submissions is 17 August 2023.

No late submissions will be considered.

To apply as a publishing company please fill in the form below