Establishing your identity in Christ

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AuthorKelly Morkel
Year Of Publication2022

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As a teenager, or even a young adult, it is difficult to know where to start reading the Bible – from the beginning; from the end to the beginning; Old Testament, or New Testament? It can all seem overwhelming, never mind someone asking you where to find a book without looking at the index.

This devotional series is really meant to introduce you to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The purpose is ultimately to find out who you are in Christ and to discover that you are absolutely adored and loved by Him. The devotion is structured by explaining a concept and then meditating on it for the rest of the week, or in your own time. You can do it alone, with a group like your youth group, or even with your siblings. Allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable in navigating through this devotional and allow God to speak to you, for He has already chosen and accepted you.

Self-published author of interactive devotional books.