Deep Thoughts


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AuthorChristian Romeo NJIA
PublisherLulu Press Inc.
Year Of Publication2023

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About Deep Thoughts

For Victor Hugo, “the poet is a world locked in a man.” Christian Romeo NJIA, whose pen name is Alain-Roch Ngantcha, is no exception to this rule. His collection Deep Thoughts is a vast fresco of the world, of a fragment of the world, his world, the universe as he sees it, as he feels it. Indeed, the neo-poet here undresses his conscience, reveals his soul in what he imagines, in what he experiences or has lived, in what he desires, in what he wants.
He took his lute to sing in a series of poems, whose choice of order, his joie de vivre, contagious at will, is not well understood; but also his nausea.
With humility, simplicity of language and accessible words
to all, the poet invites us to explore his childhood to taste the delights of the privileged moments he spent.
These beautiful oxymorons, antithesis and personification that colour this poem magnify love.