A surgical sci-fi story about immortal potential

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AuthorMichael J. Lee
Year Of Publication2022

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About Chrysalis

Chrysalis is Book 1 in the trilogy Metamorphosis: Stories of a Transplanted Man

Jerry Fischer is in a race against time. He has Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD) and there is no known cure for his disease. His skeletal muscles are wasting away and now his heart is starting to weaken. But when professional cyclist Roy van Dijk is rendered brain-dead after an accident, three brain surgeons, who are ready to carry out the world’s first human head transplant, offer Fischer the chance of a second life with a completely new body, one free of the disease that is ruining his life.

Chrysalis takes the reader on a journey into the interior of the human body to witness the intricate surgery of a head transplant, while asking the question, “Can humans live forever and defeat disease and death by replacing bodies when they pack up?” The novel is both a tense human drama and a philosophical search to find the source of immortality.

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“The authors have combined the skills of the physician and philosopher to explore what they believe to be the next step in human development.”Dr John Paterson, Consultant Physician & Neurologist, Scarborough, East Yorkshire

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