Beyond the Brick Walls

A critical analysis of the South African Sectional Titles Act

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AuthorChristian Romeo NJIA
PublisherLulu Press Inc.
Year Of Publication2023

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About Beyond the Brick Walls

In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of multi-unit property developments in South Africa, including apartments, townhouses, and other sectional title properties. The South African Sectional Titles Act was designed to regulate the ownership and management of these properties and ensure fair and equitable treatment for residents or property owners.

However, in practice, there is increasing evidence that the Act has failed to fully protect the interests of homeowners, particularly those who are financially vulnerable. One particular concern is the issue of unaffordable levies, which can leave poor homeowners facing the real prospect of homelessness.

This book seeks to explore the challenges faced by poor-income homeowners due gross to the misconduct of the managing agents in implementing the South African Sectional Titles Act, with a specific focus on the issue of unaffordable levies and their impact on poor homeowners. Through a critical evaluation of the Act and an exploration of the experiences of managing agents and homeowners, this book will propose solutions to address the shortcomings of the Act and better protect the interests of all stakeholders involved.