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The Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa (ANFASA) in collaboration with the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) hereby invites all competent, suitably qualified, and interested persons to serve as members of the Selection Panel for the DSAC Publishing Hub.

This is an industry stimulus project to support authors and revitalize the publishing industry. It also aims to encourage the creation of new literature that tells our stories and preserves our heritage. It is essential for the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture to provide support for authors and the publishing industry to foster a dynamic literary community and sustain the creation of a wide range of significant literature, including that written in the previously marginalized official languages.

  1. Requirements:

    The selection panel members must have outstanding achievements and clear knowledge, experience, and expertise in the book value chain. They must:

    • Be language experts.
    • Have knowledge and expertise in writing books.
    • Have published at least one book.
  2. Responsibilities:

    • Review manuscripts and make recommendations.
    • Provide a detailed report on the outcomes of the review.
    • Undertake developmental editing with the authors of the shortlisted manuscripts.
    • Offer advice on industry-related matters (IP, contracting, royalties, etc.).
  3. Closing date for submission:

    • The closing date for applications is 17 August 2023.
    • Late submissions will not be considered.
    • Selection panel members are not eligible to submit manuscripts for review.

Apply to be part of the Selection Panel