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The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC), in collaboration with ANFASA, is excited to announce the "DSAC Publishing Hub" initiative. This project aims to support authors, stimulate the publishing industry, and promote the creation of new literature that narrates our stories and preserves our heritage.

Our initiative will oversee the publication of 22 books, written in all official languages of South Africa, including the Khoisan languages. Three out of these 22 works will be specifically selected for publication in Braille, making them accessible to the visually impaired community.

We are actively seeking authors who write in any South African official languages and Khoisan languages to submit their manuscripts for consideration. Successful authors will be awarded a sum of R25,000.00 for content development and will be paired with a publisher to guide them through the production and publishing process.

If you're interested in participating in the "DSAC Publishing Hub" initiative, either as an author, a publisher or as a member of the selection panel, complete an application form below for consideration.