Understanding Metaphysics

Using psychology to better understand metaphysical experiences

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AuthorDr Jimmy Henderson
Year Of Publication2022

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About Understanding Metaphysics

Understanding and unlocking the power of metaphysics is no longer a secret or only meant for the guru, the serious disciple or the lifelong philosopher. New discoveries in science are moving the boundaries of what is possible and this is going to undoubtedly change the course of humanity’s evolution. However, you may be wondering exactly what this means to you and how you can benefit from this new knowledge?

Bestselling author Dr Jimmy Henderson, a cognitive scientist with a background in science and technology, has devoted years to the study of psychology, especially the deeper realms of the subconscious mind. Using his unique approach of multi-dimensional thinking, he introduces you to new ideas on self, creation, reality, time and space, life after death and the idea of a universal mind or consciousness behind it all. Jimmy takes a pioneering step forward as he puts into words the ideas and experiences linked to metaphysical processes. By sharing his personal experiences as well as those of other practitioners, he aims to give you a refreshingly direct answer as to how it all works. The knowledge is written and presented in a manner aimed at deliberately challenging your present thinking and help you grow.

In this book Jimmy explores a number of crucial questions such as:
• What is metaphysics?
• How is metaphysics useful for everyday thinking?
• How to reprogram your mind
• A new view of the mind and the idea of one universal consciousness
• The development of new and powerful mental skills
• Unlocking the power of your subconscious mind.

In imparting his knowledge to you Jimmy hopes that you will be able to share in the amazing new inner experiences which will infuse your life with a new, richer meaning and purpose.

What the readers are saying:
“He shares from the heart and his approach is put across very clearly and it is very understandable.” Piliana
“This book is brilliant in context and the author has brought it together in a pretty simple explanation.” Tilanie
“Wow. This book is stunning, I learnt so much. People need this type of material and understanding now to advance and go forward.” Michelle

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