Time In

Family Devotional Book

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AuthorKelly Morkel
PublisherKelly Morkel
Year Of Publication2022

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Directly from the author via social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and whatapp business 0662196763)

Or at JumpStart Coffee Shop, in Kuils River

About Time In

This book will help you to not only communicate more effectively with your children but also share your heart’s desires and dreams with them. Step by step you will journey through this interactive devotional book, where you will be required to step outside your comfort zone, navigate to their level, understand their reality, and in turn understand your reality.
The daily devotions are structured for 15 minutes, so you can do it during breakfast, on your way to school, or during supper. I recommend that you, as parents, read through it together the night before, feel free to add and specify it to your family. As parents, you do not have all the answers to all our children’s questions, so be comfortable in getting back to your child, when you do not know the answer.

Self-published author of interactive devotional books.