The Three-Fold Pillar Powers of Human Existence

Human Existence

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AuthorProphet Stanley Kuforiji
PublisherPrint On Demand
Year Of Publication2021

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About The Three-Fold Pillar Powers of Human Existence

– Knowing this will reshape your Life and Destiny forever!

This is one of the greatest books ever written on earth! Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji has written this great book to reveal the power of God in you; the Seed of greatness that germinates till eternity according to His Will. This great Prophet of God said in his words, Every human nature is a spirit being that journeys between two worlds; The dead is a living being in the death state, and the living is a dead being in a living state. Life begins at creation. Understanding life begins with wisdom and knowledge of God. Life is spiritual. Wisdom and knowledge gained when you are alive and your belief determines where you will spend your eternity. In our earthly existence, every human is given free will to either choose Light (life) or Darkness (death). Life leads to eternity with God in paradise, and death is condemnation to hell in the bottomless pit. (Deuteronomy 30:15-19) This book has been written through Holy Spirit inspiration and revelations for further exposition about divine nature of human life. Prophet Stanley revealed three basic pillars that enshroud round every human creature in life: (1) Pillar of Creation (2) Pillar of Wisdom and Understanding The pillar upon which life stands. (3) Pillar of Eternity: To choose from Life and Death; from Hell and Heaven. Hell is Condemnation into the Darkness Bottomless Sorrowful Pit where Sinners will spend their eternity. Heaven or Paradise is where the Righteous will spend their Eternity with God. This book is highly recommended for all Children of God on earth especially those who are spiritually inclined and have destiny to fulfill. Without any doubt, teachers of the Word and readers will find this book rewarding and dream fulfilling and will reshape your Life and Destiny forever!