The Missiles of the Night

Spiritual Warfare Against Strongholds

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AuthorProphet Stanley Kuforiji
PublisherPrint On Demand
Year Of Publication2021

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About The Missiles of the Night

– And How to Escape It

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji has written this book to expose the forces of darkness and the various ways through which they wage war against your life. This book brings to light what happens in the corridor of darkness at night against your life. Missiles in this book are likened to spiritual arrows shot at night to destroy human lives. It is usually fired to avenge a wrong-doing, or shot at the victim for no just cause. The evil men at the corridor of darkness shoot it at will against humanity, because they are created to destroy, and knowing that their time is very short on earth. Satan is the father of evil in the world, having failed the battle from heaven and hauled down to the earth with his fallen angels. Many are victims of the missiles fired at night. It is a well-known age-long fact that horrible things take place at night against our lives; bad dreams often take place at night, firing of arrows from witches, wizards and enemies all usually take place at night, occultic meetings, initiations, evil sacrifices and ceremonies, mystical movements and journeys, idolatry, and a host of other satanic mischief activities, all take place in the dark. Even, in our physical world, the thieves and robbers often operate at night in the dark. All bad things of life are associated with darkness. The Bible condemns darkness in all its ramifications. God Almighty the Father of all hates darkness. Every man who has the spirit of love and the fear of God hates darkness. God Has promised to fight for you and to avenge with anger and put an utter destruction to the activities of the devil operating against your life. With this great book of Deliverance written through Holy Spirit guidance, you will overcome the missiles of the night and all evil spiritual flames that are kindled against your life, and have your final peace and prosperity.