The Ladies of Apostles

Great Women of Missionary

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AuthorProphet Stanley Kuforiji
PublisherPrint On Demand
Year Of Publication2021

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About The Ladies of Apostles

Ladies Of Apostles

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji has written this book out of his passion for women in the ministry. God is revealed in the hearts of Ladies of Apostles in the Kingdom of our God on earth. From the beginning of age, the 20th century missionary movement witnesses the greatest number of women involvement in the gospel. Under the supervision of God’s own Heart, and through multiple miraculous encounters, women of virtuous derive their insight, wisdom, tremendous gifting and come into intimate Communion with Christ the Lord. By His Holy Spirit, God streams all manner of revelations and guidance into their hearts and are made to understand this joyous divine awakening and find faith enough to obey God’s requests as ordained for them in their own time. Jesus speaks intimately to His children, offering prophetic messages of hope sent from our Father to heal, restore, and guide us into the days ahead in the journey of life.

The Ladies of Apostles spend many exhilarating and obedient days in service to our Lord through divine intercessory and love for others. The Lord is doing marvelous things in the lives of Ladies of Apostles, and has dressed these valiant women in His armor and sent them forth in the power of His glory to be victorious and dominate, and be true leaders and impart others with anointing. This highly inspirational book is for all individuals and families who also want to enjoy daily supernatural wonder working power and miracles of God.