Road to Nowhere

Transitions Book 1

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AuthorNicola Rodda
Year Of Publication2022

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About Road to Nowhere

Geoff Foster is a teenager like thousands, approaching his final school exams and hoping to go to university. Unlike many of them, though, he faces two complications. Firstly, he is disabled, with limited control of the left side of his body and prone to health problems. Secondly, his family is falling apart. The combined effect pitches him into a turmoil of confusion, fear and illness that threatens to destroy him. Set in South Africa in 1990, this story tells of Geoff’s struggle to find his road and his direction in a life that seems destined to go nowhere – to learn to trust in friendship; to believe in himself and in his dreams. In its telling, the story touches on the societal and physical barriers faced by people with disabilities, the long-term impacts of growing up in a dysfunctional family, and the ways in which lives are shaped by the apparently subtle effects of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and loneliness. Most of all, the book emphasises the importance of having a dream, and pursuing it with single-minded determination, regardless of the obstacles. Road to Nowhere is the first of a series of three books, entitled Transitions.

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