Marriage Repackaged

Discovering Personal Healing And Wholeness In Order To Create A Thriving Relationship

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AuthorMpho Salemane Phatudi
PublisherInspired Publishing
Year Of Publication2020

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Amazon Kindle Store and hard copies available directly from Author (+27763097490)

About Marriage Repackaged

This book aims to take the reader on a journey of redeeming the soul through constructively qualified energy until there is no longer separation between the soul and God but Oneness. The aim is to help heal the in her child in each one of us , in order to hold the immaculate concept of God, that is to create the atmosphere of healing in families and communities as a collective God Consciousness people.This is achieved through reviewing the the reality created through illusions that has shaped people’s perception. Identifying how these illusions have been set up in creating high expectations in relationships, causing unnecessary agony when they are unmet. It will help shatter the walls of deception,arrogance and separation within and face one’s real self, the true Self that is immortal and one with God.