Healing On My Anatomy

Spirituality And Natural Remedy

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AuthorProphet Stanley Kuforiji
PublisherPrint On Demand
Year Of Publication2021

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About Healing On My Anatomy


Healing On My Anatomy is a book created under the GOSHEN REMEDIES Series VOLUME 1 [God Spirituality Health and Natural Remedies] founded by Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji.

In this book of healing, Prophet Dr. Stanley explained his vision that he saw on HIV-AIDS and other major diseases that affect people’s lives in the world. Through the revelation, God showed him Herbs and Natural Remedies preparations together with Biblical Power Healing Words to cure deadly diseases like HIV-AIDS and Cancer, Diabetes and several others. To every disease, there is a cure in nature that is divine revealed through God’s prophets. In this revelation, God also warned people to come to Christ as they are healed! Through Prophet Stanley’s research and God’s gift of healing, many who believed totally in God’s power have got their prayers answered; got healed of sicknesses and diseases, and much, much more.! You can read people’s testimonies in their ministries’ websites. In this world, one of the devil’s sneaky devices is to destroy health, wealth, and happiness through diet and body manipulations. It is not surprising that Millions are headed for beds of affliction accompanied by high medical bills, while many die of unplanned, untimely death! These are simply, but devil’s tricks to affects God’s marching army, His supply of soldiers, in these last days. Jesus’ Great Commissions on earth is to save the lost! And the Disciples, even till now, have been given the mandate to do same and perform miracles, including healing the sick. In this book, the glory of God will be revealed upon your life as supernatural healing power of God comes down upon your anatomy for the touch of the Holy Spirit. With this book, miracle after miracle will take place before your eyes. God’s Spirit will be working in marvelous and miraculous ways. The miracles of God in our lives demonstrate his honor, majesty, and eternal goodness.