Faith Defying Death

What Would You Do?

Publication Info:

AuthorWayne J de Vos
Publisherself published
Year Of Publication2022

About Faith Defying Death

Three men are taken into exile to a foreign land, where they aspire to become prominent, successful and highly respected leaders in the cabinet of a king who ruled over one of the world’s most powerful empires at the time.

The three men now living high powered executive luxury lives are accused by jealous rivals who were themselves seeking recognition, esteem and favor from the king.

A life threathening decision had to be made by the three friends which could cost them to lose everything perhaps even their own lives.

They choose to rather stay true and loyal to an unseen king from another realm, whom they loved and to whom they had commited their allegiance.

For this loyalty and unwavering steadfastness in the face of death they were to be rewarded and promoted by the very king who ordered their execution.

What they experienced if implemented 8n your life could impact and change your life and cause you to live your greatest life ever, if you make the right decisions.