Dealing With Trauma

An Introductory Guide to Sharpen Your Practical Counselling Skills

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AuthorDr Jimmy Henderson
Year Of Publication2022

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About Dealing With Trauma

Want to improve your practical counselling skills?
Need to help a loved one cope with a traumatic event?

This practical guide was written to help those without formal training – benefit from the more than 30 years of experience of the author and seasoned trauma counsellor – Dr Jimmy Henderson. In this guide Jimmy looks to specifically prepare lay-counsellors, nurses, teachers, parents and other caregivers with the necessary tools to manage difficult situations when dealing with a victim of a traumatic event.

It is completely normal for an inexperienced counsellor to get completely lost or so entangled that it becomes difficult to effectively counsel a victim of trauma. Jimmy believes that part of the problem is due to the unstructured nature of counselling content currently in the market. This guide was written specially for the person looking for effective tips and advice gleaned from years spent in the field. It helps those of you new to the topic easily follow specific counselling patterns based on what you observe. The guide also makes use of practical examples of traumatic situations or case studies to highlight how the skills should be applied in the real world.

In this guide, Jimmy has created structured systems that provide the reader with invaluable guidance in easy to understand, progressive steps.

Why read this guide?
– Content is deliberately structured in an easy-to-read format to help make it an easy introduction to trauma counselling.
– Provides a structured, systematic approach to in-person and telephonic trauma counselling.
– Contains real-life examples of traumatic situations to show how the skills can be used in practice.
– Provides the reader with a specific counselling process, based on each situation.
– Makes it easier to not get lost or bogged down in traumatic situations.

Whether you are a qualified counsellor, teacher, nurse, parent or any other type of caregiver, you will find the approach in Dealing with Trauma: An Introductory Guide to Sharpen Your Practical Counselling Skills easy-to-use, constructive and effective.

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