Blessings And Power To The Kingdom Partners

The Kingdom Partners

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AuthorProphet Stanley Kuforiji
PublisherPrint On Demand
Year Of Publication2021

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About Blessings And Power To The Kingdom Partners

Blessings and Power to the Kingdom Partners

– With Love from Prophet Stanley Kuforiji

The earth is under fire; the old Babylon the great has again re-incarnated in the midst of the son of men! True blessings and Power are hard to find. There is commotion and strive for power, there is struggle for money, wealth, protection, peace, health and fame, and all that life needs. The race for genuine salvation and peace in the kingdom of God has, like the time of the old Babylon, been replaced with lustful urge for worldly diabolical powers in all areas of human lives. The Children of God, even the ‘saints’ are entangled; each one waging visible and invisible war. Wicked spiritual flames are kindled by sons of men in the heavenly and by entities unseen by ordinary eyes! The spiritual insurgency of this die-hard ancient beast continues to live on in the midst of men. The fierce fire is raging on high, arrows and ‘tornadoes’ from the camp of the cruel, and in the land of the living is a hell in the midst of blessedness! Complacency, hate, jealousy, battle for power, wickedness, and all other terrible satanic vices find their dominion in the hearts of lowly, sinful men. Divine masters, Mentors, the saints and counselors, teachers of the Word, the TRUTH are hard to find! As I was led into a deep trance in my silent lamentation and meditation, I began to search through the Light from above, to see whether there is any hope left for divine blessings and power to bequeath unto my beloved brethren that crave for these hard-to-find heavenly treasures. In my pursuit of Divine Truth, and mission of offering succor of healing, blessedness and spiritual empowerment of love and of Divinity, a revelation finally came to me; I heard the voice of Him who sent me, and I found the cause and remedy. Written in the tablet of ‘Moses’ inscribed in pure golden ink is the KEY; Love, Truth; Peace to the world; Blessings and Power to the Kingdom Partners!