1000 Glory Killers

Glory Killers of this Millennium

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AuthorProphet Stanley Kuforiji
PublisherPrint On Demand
Year Of Publication2021

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About 1000 Glory Killers

1000 Glory Killers

Glory Killers are satanic agents and manifestations that kill the destiny of people. We are in a turbulent world filled with all manner of evil from the kingdom of hell. Every believer on earth needs the right anointing to overcome the turbulent satanic world and fulfill destiny according to God’s Will.

Today, the multitudes of the people are in the dark hooked up in satanic cages all over the world. Satan the arch enemy of God and man uses demons to oppress his victims and kill their glory or destinies. This is not the wish of God for mankind. Many have lost hope of deliverance and have surrendered finally to the full control of the wicked strongholds. This should not be, and you cannot afford to be spiritually dead and ignorant all days of your life and see Satan and his demons destroy your life. As a child of God you must arise and learn to overcome strongholds and principalities that manipulate your life and destroy your destiny. Prophet Stanley in this special book has brought to limelight the glory killers that operate in multi-dimensional ways in human lives and how to become anointed and overcome them through the power of God.