Online catalogue of members’ published books

ANFASA is excited to announce the call for details of your published works so that they can be included in our online book catalogue. This is going to be a useful marketing tool that will publicise books you have written on the ANFASA website which is linked to social media, and through public searches such as Google.

You can submit details of as many of your books as you like, but to be included in the catalogue you have to be a paid-up ANFASA member.

Send the following information about each book:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Publisher and year of publication
  • ISBN
  • A short (not more than 200 words) ‘blurb’ about the book.
  • Any book reviews or endorsements
  • Photo of the book’s front cover
  • Details of where the book can be bought, if it is still in print

Please go to your account and click on Add Published Work.

ANFASA looks forward to building this catalogue, year by year, and to playing a part in promoting the books written by its members.

For more information please contact the office by sending an email to

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