ANFASA's New Literary Voices: A Win for Indigenous Language Authors.

In 2022 ANFASA launched the inaugural New Literary Voices: Writing and Publishing in Indigenous Languages. This project aims to make an impact on the cultural and economic development of the creative sector by empowering authors writing in indigenous languages. In 2022 ANFASA hosted provincial workshops in eight of the nine provinces. Over 160 authors writing in indigenous languages attended and 50 manuscripts were submitted for selection, five manuscripts were shortlisted, and four books have been published, this is one of those four books.



Busi Maphumulo


Euclene Busi Maphumulo was born in KwaZulu Natal. She is a retired teacher. Her first drama Kade Babekhala received position 2 in the competition which was arranged by Arts and Culture in 2008. In 2009 she also won with her novel Isithombe Sezinsizwa. She has also published a grade 7 book titled, Indoda Emadodeni in 2019.  Her drama titled Yinye Indlalifa received position 1 in the Usiba writing competition in 2019. She is featured in different  poetry anthologies .  She has published grade 1,2 and 3 books titled Siyacathula. She obtained a certificate from Room to Read South Africa after being trained in writing children’s book .She has published a children’s book titled uNono uthola umngani which is also translated to five languages.

UMbimbi nababulali  is a novel which deals with different  themes including  the social cohesion  among  families. The abuse of women emotionally is blatant when the man deserts his wife and children. Stress  and depression pulls the story leading to someone's death. Another prominent aspect in the story  is  anger which is directed to a certain taxi owner. The outcome is  vague when passengers are affected. The gunshot emerges  a permanent  phenomenon which won't be easily  removed in the country. Everything which  is revealed in the story is summed up to expose  other people. The only question left is : Will the murderers motive fulfilled? 

Gerrie Magwaza


This novel ''A ndzi nge swi rivali'', written by Gerrie Magwaza. An author by calling and an educator by profession highlights to the readers that though people come across mountains and hills to climb in life, these mountains become stepping stones towards greatness and success. Other books by the same author include a novellette,''xitofi madalayisani'', published by Maskew Miller Longman,a collection of short stories ''TOYI-Toyi'', which was awarded the first prize tag in a literary competition coordinated by Shuter and Shuter in 1995.

The book is about a 14 year old boy who lost his parents in a mysterious way and decided to run away to an unknown desolate place to forget the pains he has gone through. He eventually ended up in a squatter camp in the company of Phumaphi a street hustler, drug and alcohol addict, but Boyana was introduced to a life of all these and still had the ambition to go to school. His dream and longing later paid off when he met the pastor's daughter who through the help of her parents managed to put him into school and later realised that his family was robbed of chieftainship which he later claimed and in the process married one of the pastor's daughters.


Selina Velaphi


Selina Velaphi is an Author, who has self-published her debut book; a memoir, titled ‘Beautifully Broken. As a qualified Teacher and HR professional, she has always been in the corporate space until her ancestral calling as an Indigenous Healer started knocking. She left the glitz and glamour of Johannesburg and moved back home to East London. This is when she started to write with the intention to publish her work. As a Healer, her writing has a common theme of African Spirituality. She believes that she has been called to heal through storytelling and to educate the spirit of the African child. When she takes off her HR hat, she is a Healer, a Spiritual Life Coach, a Public Speaker, a mother to her teenage son, Endinako and a dog named Spike. She finds soul therapy in reading, writing, gardening, baking and tea. Intsini Ilotyolwa Ngeenyembezi is her first novel in her indigenous language; isiXhosa.

Intsini ilotyolwa ngeenyembezi is a story based in Gauteng and completed in the Province of the Eastern Cape. Nosipho Luswazi, a native of Mdantsane, in the Province of the Eastern Cape is an educated woman, who lives a modern life that comes with money. Life challenges see her suffering badly in the workplace. She suffers from both physical and mental health until Western doctors diagnose her with depression. She experiences anxiety, strange dreams, physical pain, mental health and losing her loved ones. After resisting even though she felt like she was losing her mind; she decided to go back home to Mdantsane. It is there that it is revealed to her that she has an ancestral calling. Through Nosipho’s journey, we see that modern life can throw us off our path and disconnect us from our roots, leading to mental and physical discomfort. However, by embracing our ancestral heritage, we can find healing and connect with our true selves. This message is important for all of us, regardless of our cultural background, as it reminds us to honour our roots and seek guidance from those who came before us. Furthermore, the story highlights the importance of restoration and preserving cultural traditions for future generations, which is necessary for a rich and diverse society. Overall, Intsini Ilotyolwa Ngeenyembezi is a touching and inspirational story that teaches us about cultural wisdom, self-discovery, and the transformative power of embracing our heritage.

Mamokete Morake-Toolo


Born in Thaba’Nchu, Free State Province at Tala Village. I started schooling at Tala Primary School and furthered my studies at Sediti High School situated near my village. In 1979 I trained as a teacher at Strydom Teacher’s Training College in Thaba’Nchu. I registered for a distance learning course with the University of UOFS where I obtained an NPDE. I started working in several primary schools in Thaba’Nchu until 2015 when I resigned from duty and started my passion for writing books. I wrote four books, but managed to publish only one Setswana novel – “Ga bo felele fa”.

My story is all about the challenges and successes of the whole world, specifically, our country, South Africa, was facing during Covid 19. In the year 2020, the pandemic lockdown led most people, more especially, our elders to a lot of stress and fear, hence my title “A ke jona bokhutlo?”. Due to the high number of deaths caused by Coronavirus, lockdown measures and other restrictions like the closing of churches, and schools, regulations regarding gatherings and more especially funeral restrictions among others. Most of our elders lived in fear as they thought that this was really the “End of our lives”.

Momokete Toolo Final small

We congratulate the NLV winners for their remarkable achievements. Their stories inspire us and celebrate the power of indigenous voices. May their words continue to resonate and inspire generations to come.