Mail & Guardian New Voices | Call for Articles

ANFASA announces an exciting partnership with the Mail & Guardian’s Thought Leader platform. The ‘Mail & Guardian New Voices’ is an opportunity for ANFASA members to write articles that will be published on the Thought Leader website once a month, with the possibility of being chosen to be included in the newspaper.

What does an improved South Africa look like? 
ANFASA members, postgraduates and all other authors are invited to submit articles expressing their thoughts and ideas, based on their area of study, interest or practice.
The choice of focus is incredibly broad. For example: What does an improved South Africa look like in

  • architecture, or
  • conservation, or
  • politics, or
  • law, or
  • media, or
  • literature, or
  • psychology, or
  • art, or
  • education, or
  • science and technology, or
  • health, or … there are endless further possibilities.


  • Articles may not be longer than 800 words.
  • These should be original and thought-provoking pieces.
  • Use your imagination, but back it up with research/studies (indicated by hyperlinks).
  • You could even introduce an element of fun to some of the topics.
  • Open up areas for debate.
  • Each article should be accompanied by a decent mugshot and a 30-word bio as well as an e-mail address.

Send your article to not later than 23 March 2021. Five chosen articles will each receive a R500 token and be published on Outstanding contributions will be considered for publication in the Mail & Guardian.