Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies

The Contents Pages below list selected articles published in Critical Arts on the topics of authorship and readers, literacy, language and publishing, copyright and intellectual property rights, all topics of interest to Anfasa. The studies cover both academic publishing and the industry, of both books and journals.

The articles can be accessed via university libraries which subscribe to Taylor & Francis journals. If you are not affiliated to a university then you are welcome to contact the author via email, or through one of the academic sharing sites like Research Gate and request an electronic offprint.

The articles are listed from the most recent to the earliest:

Critical Arts 34(3), 2020


Peter Abrahams Close Up: A Profile from Letters in his Archived Collection
Hopeton S. Dunn

Critical Arts 33(4&5), 2019

Special Issue: Rethinking Khoe and San Indigeneity, Language and Culture in South Africa

Reviewing the Topic: Literacy and Language amongst the KhoeSan
Michael Anthony Wessels, Keyan G. Tomaselli & Julie Grant


KhoeSan Languages: Past to Present

The First Afrikaans
Christo van Rensburg



Afrikaans on the Frontier: Two Early Afrikaans Dialects
Hans du Plessis & Julie Grant



The Khoisan Languages of Southern Africa: Facts, Theories and Confusions
Menán du Plessis



Contemporary Khoesan Languages of South Africa
Kerry Jones


Same but Different: The Struggle towards integrated societies

The Language Question: Khoisan Linguicide and Epistemicide
Jeffrey Sehume



KhoeSan Identity and Language in South Africa: Articulations of Reclamation
Shanade Barnabas & Samukelisiwe Miya



Owning the Body, Embodying the Owner: Complexity and Discourses of Rights, Citizenship and Heritage of Southern African Bushmen
Luan Staphorst


Decolonising/Indigenising the Language of Research: Experiences with KhoeSan Peoples

Methods of “Literacy” in Indigenising Research Education: Transformative Methods Used in the Kalahari
Lauren Dyll



Language and Education: Photovoice Workshops and the !Xun and Khwe Bushmen
Julie Grant


Repurposing San Communicatory Practices to be meaningful in the Contemporary world

Hip-hop and Decolonized Practices of Language Digitization among the Contemporary !Xun and Khwe Indigenous Youth of South Africa
Itunu Ayodeji Bodunrin



The Literacy of Tracking
Keyan G. Tomaselli & Julie Grant



Comments on Language, Education and Culture
Salesti Jack



Michael Wessels 1958–2018
José Manuel de Prada-Samper

Critical Arts 33(3), 2019

Special Issue: Crisis? Which Crisis? The Humanities Reloaded



Humanities, Citations and Currency: Hierarchies of Value and Enabled Recolonisation
Keyan G. Tomaselli

Critical Arts 32(3), 2018

Special Issue: Participation, Art and Digital Culture Critical Arts



Literature and Participatory Culture Online: Literary Crowdsourcing and Its Discontents
Hanna Kuusela

Critical Arts 29(6), 2015

Special Issue: Discrimination in scholarly publishing

Discrimination in scholarly publishing
Elizabeth le Roux



The monkey and the organ-grinder: a timeless relationship between book authors and their publishers
Donal P. McCracken



Practices in scholarly publishing: making sense of rejection
Keyan Tomaselli



On the factory floor of the knowledge production plant: editors’ perspectives on publishing in academic journals
Herman Wasserman & Ian Richards



Open minds and closed systems: an author profile of South Africa’s university presses
Elizabeth le Roux



Knowledge production, critique and peer review in feminist publishing: reflections from Agenda
Relebohile Moletsane, Louise Haysom & Vasu Reddy


Article Commentary

Understanding media’s extensions Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding media: the extensions of man
Huimin Jin

Critical Arts 28(5), 2014

Special Issue: South Africa’s Publishing Culture

Elizabeth le Roux



Reflections on the mission(s) to capture the ‘reader’ and ‘book’ in southern African art
Lize Kriel



The role of printed books in the dissemination of contemporary South African art and artists
Sarah Anne Hughes



Embroidered stories, remembered lives: the Mogalakwena Craft Art Development Foundation storybook project
Ria van der Merwe



‘Unique perspectives on South Africa’: imagining South Africa through the Homebru book marketing campaign, 2002–2012
Elizabeth le Roux



The South African Lady’s Pictorial and Home Journal as a subtle agent of change for British South African women’s view of race relations in southern Africa
Isabella J. Venter



Books and publishing in the South African trade market: changing writers, changing themes
Jana Möller

Critical Arts 28(3), 2014



New directions (free access)
Keyan G. Tomaselli

Critical Arts 23(1), 2009



Thirty years of publishing
Keyan G. Tomaselli

Critical Arts 20(1), 2006

Special issue: Intellectual Property Rights and the Political Economy of Culture

Anfasa was launched at the 2004 conference of the same title at UKZN from which this number arose.


Intellectual property rights and the political economy of culture
Helge Rønning , Pradip Thomas , Keyan G. Tomaselli & Ruth Teer-Tomaselli



Systems of control and regulation: Copyright issues, digital divides and citizens’ rights
Helge Rønning



Principles of copyright in intellectual property law: An overview
Tanya Woker



Copyright in the Information Age: The catch-22 of digital technology
Tana Pistorius



Balancing intellectual property rights with public obligations in developing nations: Lessons from Africa
Loretta M. Palmer



Communications and global intellectual property rights: ICTs and development in Africa
Sarah Helen Chiumbu



The expropriation of intellectual capital and the political economy of international academic publishing
Christopher Merrett



Dealing with new life from the morgue: A report on key copyright issues in the Canadian news media
Joyce Smith



Begging, borrowing, stealing: The context for media plagiarism in twenty-first century South Africa
Ian Glenn



Plagiarism, public relations and press releases: The case of the hidden author
Warren Parker



‘Folklore’, cultural property and modernisation in sub-Saharan Africa
David Kerr



Copyright, folklore and music piracy in Ghana
John Collins



Trafficking trauma: Intellectual property rights and the political economy of traumatic storytelling
Christopher J. Colvin



Pippa Green

Critical Arts 10(2), 1996


Negotiations, transitions and uncertainty principles: Critical Arts in the worlds of the post
Keyan Tomaselli, Johan Muller & Arnold Shepperson

Critical Arts 2(2), 1983


Retrospective, Monograph 2
Keyan Tomaselli, Ian Steadman, Susan Gardner, Johan Muller, Ruth Tomaselli, Eve Bertelsen, David Maughan Brown and Graham Hayman

About Critical Arts (Taylor & Francis)

From its inception in 1980, Critical Arts has examined the relationship between texts and contexts, cultural formations and popular forms of expression, mainly in the Third World, but after the 1994 transition in South Africa repositioned itself in the South-North and East-West nexus focusing on developing transdisciplinary epistemologies. Critical Arts’ authors include Africans debating Africa with the rest; and the rest debating Africa and the South and with each other.

The journal is rigorously peer reviewed, via ScholarONE Manuscripts, and aims to shape theory on the topics it covers. Cutting edge theorisation (supported by empirical evidence) rather than the reporting of formulaic case studies are preferred. Submissions are sought from both established and new researchers, and recent topics have included political economy of the media, political communication, intellectual property rights, visual anthropology and indigeneity, the ethnographic turn in art, and of course cultural studies.

Submissions should aim to restore the vision of earlier theorists and historians, for whom ‘culture’ was a kind of synthesis arising from the contradictions between human society and the politics of nations. Under the pressures of globalization, this kind of understanding becomes more relevant at every turn. Critical Arts seeks to profile those approaches to issues that are amenable to a cultural studies-derived intervention, on the basis that ‘culture’ is a marker of deeper continuities than the immediate conflicts under the fire of which so many must somehow live their lives.

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