11 and 12 NOVEMBER 2021

9 AM



Louise Grantham

Melvin Kaabwe

Johan von Wielligh

Veronica Klipp

David and Gail Robbins

... and more

The Business of the Book seminar brings together authors, publishers and booksellers in a frank discussion about the book business. This year, we are giving voice to all the players in a discussion which is long overdue amid the changing publishing industry.

We aim to provide authors with an understanding of how books are made: from the author who writes a manuscript to the publisher who turns it into a book; to the bookseller who sells it to readers. All parts of the book value chain contribute to the publishing industry that forms the "business" of the book.

What makes up the cost of books?  What is the cost of distributing books? What about online sales? Join us and be part of the conversation with industry experts who will be unpacking these and more questions.